Since childhood, Moyu has loved drawing. She never imitated others, and drew with a style of her own, pursuing any colors that interested her.

In junior high school she encountered oil paints. Fascinated by their possibilities, she studied oil painting in high school and college. Afterwards, she used this learning to appreciate the rich natural colors of her hometown, Hirosaki, Japan. One day, at an exhibition of Raymond Savignac posters, she realized, "Paintings should have messages.” Moyu now burrows into the message of paintings. An important aspect of her art is how the viewer approaches the work with a wondering air, and receives positive feelings through her painting. Her works have the ability to charm others because they express a border between imagination and reality. Her positive attitude forms a communication between her and the viewer. This interaction connects with people and the paintings become part of their life.

Moyu wishes that viewers will see her pictures many times and feel deeply the accumulated affection within them; so she strives to share worthy themes. Her aim is to create works which speak even to those who have no thought of art.

She began efforts for publishing her work at a solo exhibition in Hirosaki, May, 2014.

1984 宮城県生まれ
2005 岩手県立不来方高等学校芸術学系美工コース卒業、金沢美術工芸大学美術科油画専攻入学
2007 金沢美術工芸大学中退
2015 JCAT(Japanese Contemporary Artist Team)に一年間所属

Group Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition
2014 moyu油絵展 弘前市百石町展示館にて開催
2015 ねこ展 弘前市駅前カフェ、ki to aoにて開催、moyu contemplates what is genuine.NY Brooklyn Ouchi Galleryにて開催

2009 第14回国際公募アート未来展入選
2010 第19回全日本アートサロン絵画大賞展自由表現部門入選
2015 LoFt×iPhone女子部のコラボ企画iPhoneケース公募デザイン30人展でデザインが通り、LoFtにて期間限定商品化。